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he got 4 gold medals

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Q: What paralympic medals has Oscar pistorious got?
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How many Paralympic medals has Eleanor Simmonds won?

She got 43 paralympic medals.

What year did russia win the Olympics?

At 2014, Russia won 33 medals in total and 13 gold medals. At Paralympic games Russian sportsmen were total winners, they got 80 medals including 30 gold medals. Heroes of Paralympic games, all sportsmen, have raised Paralympic games on the new level.

Who is the most succsessful country at the Paralympic games how many medals did they win?

Canada so far, and they got uhm...heeeaps of medals xD

How many medals did America got?

They got 50 medals! TOTAL!

When did the Paralympic Games begin?

I believe it started in 1976 at Ornskoldsvik the germane won with 23 medals 7 gold 10 silver and 6 bronze. America was not in those games the first time the were in the Paralympic games was in 1980 they won 6 medals they had 4 gold 1 silver 1 bronze they were tied in 6th with Canada. And the closest America got to 1st is actually 1st in 2002 Salt Lake City they got 41 they got 10 gold 20 silver 11 bronze.

How many medals got by Indian in cwg?

India got 101 medals in cwg

Who is got an Oscar award in Bollywood?

A. R. rehman did got an oscar. He got it for music director. The movie was Slumdog Millionaire.

How many medals in total has Michael Phelps got?

He has 16 Olympic medals.

How many medals did Jason Kenny win?

he got 15 gold medals

How many medals did the Tuskegee Airmen win?

They got over 850 medals

How many medals has Great Britain got?

We have got 25

Who won the most medals at the Beijing olmypics?

The US got the most medals[110]. China got most gold.

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