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i think soccer and Kickball

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Q: What other the two games were made from football?
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How many bowl games are there for NCAA Division two football?

how many bowl games for division two football

What two games were combined to form the game of football?

American football evolved out of rugby. It wasn't a combination of two games. -actually football was combined from soccer AND rugby.

What are the differences between the rules in American football and soccer?

They are two different games........................I wouldn't say they had similarities. The difference is that one is football & the other is played in America..............

How many games in a row has Ohio state football sold out?

I think it is two games

What two games were combined to make football?

soccer and rugby

What games do they play in the United Kingdom?

The two most popular games are football (soccer) and cricket.

Definition of team games?

the games which are played by two or more than two players like football, basketball etc... are known as team games.

Is minecraft the only thing mojang made?

No, Mojang have also made two other games called Cobalt and Scrolls.

Why do americans call rugby football?

Rugby and American football are two completely different games. Americans refer to rugby as rugby, and American football as football.

Which online football games does EA develop?

EA develops the Madden NFL line of football games. Also because football means two different kinds of sports in the world they also develop the FIFA games as well.

What two sports made football?

i know that one of them is rugby

Is the person who invented football the same person who invented American football?

No they are two persons who made it possible.

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