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Q: What other team plays every Thanksgiving along with the cowboys?
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Did they have lobster at the first Thanksgiving?

Yes they did along with other fish and meats and fruits and puddings

Did the Detroit Lions ever win on Thanksgiving day?

yes, in the 1950s and 60s they often won the thanksgiving day game. Only in the last ten years or so have they been unfavorable on thanksgiving.

Why do people eat on Thanksgiving?

because it was something the pilgrims and indains shared so now we use it as a tradition along with other things.

When did the Dallas Cowboys go on strike?

The Dallas Cowboys, along with the rest of the NFL teams, went on strike in the 1987 NFL season. In addition, the Cowboys (and the other NFL teams) went on strike during the 1983 season. There were no "replacement" games in 1983 unlike 1987.

How does other country celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is about America, so most other countries do not celebrate it.

How important is it to you that you get along with other staff?

It important to get along with other staff because, in every orgnization a team work help to achieve the desire goals of the organization which should be the primary aim of every staffs.

Where was the pilgrims Thanksgiving feast?

There are different things that the Pilgrims had to eat at the Thanksgiving feast. The food mainly entailed ducks and geese among other traditional delicacies. Thanksgiving is marked on every fourth Thursday of November.