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There are many sports like Rugby, hockey, tennis, Badminton, ice hockey.

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Q: What other sports are there apart from football net ball soccer and badminton?
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Other than basketball what sports does Upward Sports offer?

Upward Sports is a non-for-profit organization in Spartanburg, South Carolina and they offer many other sports apart from basketball. These include flag football, soccer and cheerleading.

What to do in Cancun beach area apart from water sports?

Sports such as soccer and volleyball are also popular.

How is football and soccer related?

They are related in the foundations of the two sports. American football is derived from the sport Rugby. Both Rugby and Soccer are related as there was a disagreement on the set of rules which was going to be created (around 1863). This led to a split in the original committee into the Football Assosiation (otherwise better known as FA) and the Rugby Football Union (known as RFU). Apart from the origins of the sports, they share few relations, the most prominent being the pitch.. The Pitch for soccer, American Football and Rugby are the same size.

What day all sports are played?

its not possible all the seasons are just a bit too far apart for them all to be played at the same time. The only sports to be played at one point in the season at the same time are Baseball-Football-Soccer and Basketball-Hockey-Football

What were sports like in the 1830s?

If you talk about Football in 1830, it was like war between rivals that time. Yes there was some other gentle sports too. But in the field of football it was like killing each other. In 20th century it comes like a well socialized game at last after dividing the American football apart from Association Football (Soccer). Click on the link below for more information.

Goal post what is wider between soccer and American football?

Soccer goal posts are 8 yards apart. Someone else care to document distance between American football posts?

Disadvantge of soccer?

there are no disadvantages of football. it is a perfectly flawless, beautiful game. (well apart from the diving Italians and spanish)

How many soccer stadiums are in Spain?

There are 96 official football stadiums in Spain. Apart from these, there are many other unofficial and small stadiums.

What events are Ireland apart of?

Ireland have 51 competitors in the Olypmics, ranging over 12 sports; athletics, rowing, boxing, cycling, sailing, equestrian events, badminton, canoeing, fencing, shooting, swimming and triathlon.

What protection do soccer players wear?

Despite its rough nature, Football players generally dont wear a lot of protection. Apart from their jerseys and cleats, they wear shin guards.

What sports do Japanese people play apart from tennis?

Japanese play a number of sports, like any other country, but the biggest is baseball, it's baseball league is probably the largest league, followed by soccer, and then traditional sports such as sumo, zen archery and koryou (martial arts)

why football called football since they play with their hands for 99 percent of the time?

Why is football called football if you play with your hands? A common question asked is why football is called football? Is football actually soccer? Is it American football or football? Either way, if you don't play football with your feet why is it called football? It's endless. Each sport has a rich history with a story as to how it was formed, how it grew, and how it became the sport we know and love today. Most sports weren't just formed overnight. It took a long process to get it to where it is now. It is impossible to understand when and where the concept of soccer originated, but today it is known as a universal sport played by people everywhere. The interesting part is learning how American football grew. Soccer can also be referred to as football, but American football is not referred to as soccer. First off, let’s get a bit of understanding of how these two sports came to be. The sport of soccer involves solely using your feet to control and play during the game. Any use of your hands is considered foul play. Which is where the original term – football – came from. You’re controlling the ball with your foot. Better yet, the official term for soccer is Association football, established by the Football Association, which was formed in 1863. Where did the word soccer come from? It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when this occurrence formed. Overtime, the slang soccer was created, mainly used by North Americans, to simply refer to the game. It is hypothesized that the word came out of the word β€˜Association.’ American football is mainly played by controlling the ball with your hands. So, people often wonder where the name came from if you’re not playing football with your foot. American football is related to rugby which was related to soccer It’s not to say that soccer came first and then came rugby, they were an odd mesh that really formed one game of football. Rugby and soccer both originated in Britain, but it wasn’t until the end of the 19th century where the games became fully codified and differentiated. That’s when the two games split to what they are known as today. After the codifying and creating Association Football, followers of the Rugby game grew and refused to let it be 'obliterated' by the creation of Association. As a result, around 10 years following the Association came the Rugby Football Union – cool. After this point, the two games drifted apart. American football stems from rugby, which is which is where it got its name – football. Get it? The original games were never so clear cut As mentioned above, until the games were codified and diverged into Association and Rugby, most β€˜football’ games were played through the use of both hands and feet. Back then, rugby and soccer were a weird game of their own. So, it’s actually not that off and odd for American football to be called football. Over time, each country adopted its own set of rules for the games such as Australia Football or Canadian Football. We hope that clears some questions up! If you have any more, feel free to send us an email or comment below.

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