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Push ups and pumped up kicks practice while listening to pmped up kicks by foster the people

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Q: What other sport uses the tricep muscles?
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How your arm uses muscles to move?

Your arm uses its bicep and tricep muscle to move. Muscles can only contract so they have to work in pairs. Ex. Bicep and tricep One muscle contract, the other relaxes

What sport uses the most muscles?

The sport that uses the most muscles is ballet!

What sport uses all your muscles?


What sport uses the 2nd most muscles?


What is the name of the muscle that bends the arm?

Well there are two muscles which bend the arm: bending your arm from a straight position to a bent position uses the bicep (Latin name - Bicep Brachii) which is on the topside of your upper arm. Bending your arm from a bent position to a straight position uses the tricep (Latin name - Tricep Brachii) which is on the underside of your upper arm. Both muscles work in sinc with each other, so as one muscle tenses and contracts (causing the arm to bend one way or the other), the other losens.

What are the most physical sports?

cycling is the most physical sport as it uses all the muscles in your body

What sport uses speed training?

If you were to pick a sport that focuses mainly on speed training it would most likely be track. Track is great for endurance and it helps build you leg muscles. Track would be a good sport that uses speed training!

What is the most healthy sport in the world?

Probably swimming, uses most of the muscles and seldom causes harm to player or others.

What sport other than baseball uses a home run?


What sport other than baseball uses the word home run?


What sport uses the trapezius?

weight lifting sport uses the trapezius most.

What sport uses weight training for training?

All the physical sports use weight training in some form or other. Repetitive exercises using light weights are used to tone up muscles in general.

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