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In addition to amateur Basketball, former NBA basketball star Larry Bird played baseball in the Babe Ruth League. He was a pitcher and an infielder.

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Q: What other sport did former NBA basketball star Larry Bird also play as an amateur?
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Did Larry Bird play for any other NBA team?

Larry Bird only played for the Boston Celtics in his pro basketball career, but now he is involved with the Indiana Pacers.

Is basketball the only sport Larry bird played?

While Larry Bird may have been a fan of other sports, most biographies about him say that he gravitated towards basketball as a kid, and continued to focus entirely on basketball throughout his athletic career-- in high school, college, and the NBA. There have been a few basketball players who tried to play other sports (for example, Michael Jordan tried to become a pro baseball player, but his efforts were unsuccessful); however Larry Bird decided at a young age to make basketball his life, and that is what he did-- first as a player, and then as a coach.

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his brother Larry was a basketball athelete not but didnt make it to the pros not sure about other siblings?!

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Did Larry bird and magic Johnson ever play each other in a basketball game before the 1979 NCAA championship?

No, they never played against each other until that game in 1979.

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Did Micheal Jordan ever fight Larry bird?

nope. jordan and bird never fought but they did trash talk to each other ALOT. besides their basketball skills, jordan and larry were also known for trash talking and being very cocky

Is Casie Nance related to Larry Nance basketball player?

Yes. According to a February 3, 2008 article on "Woodridge will be focusing on Revere's Casey Nance, the daughter of former Cleveland Cavalier NBA great Larry Nance. The 6-foot-4 University of Dayton recruit will be a handful for the Lady Bulldog post players. Nance considered a host of other division I schools, including Bowling Green, Clemson, Indiana, Penn State, and Miami (OH)." Yes she is related to Larry Nance. Her dad (Larry Nance) came to most of her games if not all.

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Which professional basketball player did not have a cameo in 1996's space jam?

Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Larry Johnson, Shawn Bradley, Patrick Ewing, Tyrone Bogues, and Eric Gordon (a child then but an NBA star now) all appeared in 1996's "Space Jam". So, any other basketball star past or present didn't make a cameo in the movie.

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