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Cars are made from many materials. Bodies can be made of metal, plastics, aluminum or even carbon fibers. Wheels and internal parts have many materials as well.

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Q: What other materials are car made from?
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What are most car rims made of?

There are many different materials that a car rim can be made of. Some of these materials are chrome, aluminum, steel or plastic. Aluminum is the most popular material for car rims to be made of.

What are the earth materials in a car?

Everything a car is made out of has come from the earth. The Steel, plastic, other metals, rubber, aluminum, copper, etc.

What materials was a car made of?

Ya mam

Where is a Yugo made from?

Steel, plastic, glass, rubber, etc just like any other car. Albeit it was a cheaply made car using the cheapest materials available at the time. It was manufacture in Serbia.

What materials is a car roll cage made from and why?

A car rolls by using it's wheels.

What are car door panels made of?

Car door panels may be made of a number of different materials. Most of these panels are made from metal or plastics.

Why are hoods of car usually made of light materials?

They aren't always made of light materials. For example a 57 Desota, very heavy hood. Depends on the manufacturer, the hood is usually made out of the same material as the rest of the car.

Why is the car industry called car assembly rather than car manufacturing?

In the past (quite a long time ago!) most car manufacturers actually made all the parts that went into the car, so they bought metal, plastic, wood, etc, and then made parts out of these materials, then made a car with the parts they had made. These days most car companies buy parts made by other companies, and then "assemble" the parts into a car. So they no longer "manufacture" a car, they "assemble" it.

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it was made with metal and other materials!

What type of materials are caravel ships made of?

Wood. And various other materials.

What kind of materials are most commemorative plaques made from?

Some of the materials a commemorative plaque can be made from is wood or metal. Other materials a commemorative plaque can be made of is stone or ceramic.

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these things are raw materials

What materials are ceiling medallions typically made from?

The answer to this question varies from location to location. In some places, ceiling medallions are made of wood, but in other places it is made of other materials such as poly-resin.

What earth materials is a car made of?

all steels start as iron ore

What are dollar bills made of?

Dollar bills are made of a type of special cloth made from recycled materials, and other top-secret materials not made known to the public.

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Clay and some other materials

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no it is made up of other materials

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BIG balloons are made fromrubber balloons are made from other materials.

What is a Formula One car made of?

A formula one car is made of carbon fibre and light weight materials that are strong as well as light in order to not affect the car's performance. A car contains a chassis and other parts made of carbon fiber, tires made of high quality rubber, brakes made of carbon fiber, rear view mirrors, engines made of light weight aluminum alloys etc

What kind of materials are car bumbers made of?

Today the outer bumper shell is made of plastic. The inner bumper is made of steel or alluminum.

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it is made up of diffrent metals,and other hard materials>