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Grass and Clay

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Q: What other courts can tennis be played on?
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What is a sentence using courts?

Tennis is played on tennis courts

Tennis was originally played on this?

Tennis was originally played on grass courts.

What was tennis originally played on?

Grass courts.

Is centre court and other tennis courts are same in size?

In large tournaments, there is a center court and then there are the other tennis courts. The size of the actual courts themselves are the same, but the seating capacities of those courts can vary.

What is the only tennis tournament played on grass courts?


What are three types of tennis courts?

Three types of tennis courts are hard courts, clay courts, and grass courts.

What does des courts de tennis mean?

tennis courts

What company designs tennis courts?

Tennis courts 'R' Us

When was BeลŸirli Tennis Courts created?

Beşirli Tennis Courts was created in 2011.

How many type of court surface can tennis be played?

Outdoors, tennis is played on clay, grass (real or synthetic) and hard courts. Indoors it can be played on wood.

Which direction are tennis courts laid?

The direction that the tennis courts are laid usually depends with the topography of the land. The direction of wind in the area is the other factor that is largely considered.

Are there clay tennis courts to play on in England?

Yes there are many tennis courts in England.

Where are there indoor tennis courts in bozeman, montana ?

where are there indoor tennis courts in bozeman, montana?

How many proper tennis courts are in California?

There are an uncountable number of tennis courts in California; tennis is very popular in California

What are some facts on tennis?

Tennis was played by Henry the eighth, it was on grass courts, some historians believe that ancient Egyptians. Greeks, and Romans played an early form.

Where is tennis played MOST in the US?

Atlanta has the most public courts per capita.

French Open tennis tournament is played on which court surface?

hard clay courts

Where can one find indoor tennis courts?

One can find indoor tennis courts located nearest to their area easily by making an account in Global Tennis Network, then by filling up the location and all other information it will automatically shows the nearest indoor courts available in his or her area.

When tennis is played?

tennis can be played all year round but competive tennis called penants which is where tennis clubs verse other teniis clubs is played in winter and summer.

When was tennis made a sport?

Tennis has been around for hundreds of years. The court of King Henry the 8th had tennis courts and handball courts.

Who is the patron saint of tennis courts?

There is no patron saint of tennis courts or tennis. St. Sebastian is the patron saint of all athletes and athletics.

What area do tennis players play on?

tennis courts

What is lawn tennis?

lawn tennis is tennis. It was the original name when tennis courts were made with grass

Who first played tennis and how was it played?

the royalty of Europe - England on indoor courts - a solid board (no net) and solid board raquets

How is tennis played?

Tennis is played by hitting the ball to the other side and trying to get the ball past your opponent. When you do that you get points.

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