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Through the 2016 regular season, the Dallas Cowboys have played the Philadelphia Eagles 116 times in regular-season and playoff games. The Cowboys have played the Washington Redskins 114 times, the New York Giants 111 times, and the St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals 88 times.

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Q: What opponent has the Dallas Cowboys played more times than any other?
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What NFL teams have the Dallas Cowboys never played?

Because the National Football League regularly rotates interconference and intraconference games between divisions, the Dallas Cowboys have played all of the other 31 teams.

When was the year dallas cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles played each other in the playoffs?

The two played in the playoffs in the 2010 playoffs, Dallas won 34-14.

Who will win the playoff game out of the cowboys and the saints?

The Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints have never played each other in postseason competition.

Which football team was the Dallas Cowboys watch named after?

"The Dallas cowboys watch was named after, the Dallas cowboys. The team is based out of Dallas, Texas and they have their stadium there. Other than that I am not sure what the question is really talking about."

How many Super Bowls have Dallas Cowboys and buffalo played each other?

They played each other twice in the superbowl in back to back years.

How many times have the lions and cowboys played easch other?

Through the 2013 season, the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions have played 25 times, including postseason contests. The Cowboys lead the series 13-12.

1st game of season How many have cowboys and redskins played?

Rivals Dallas and Washington have played each other in season openers nine times. The Cowboys are 6-2-1 in those games.

What team is the arch rival of the Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys have a historic rivalry with the San Francisco 49ers. Other chief rivals of the Dallas Cowboys are the Washington Redskins, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants.

Have the Dallas Cowboys always been the Dallas Cowboys?

There have been two professional football teams that started in Dallas in the last 50 or so years. The Dallas Texans, an AFL franchise that moved to Kansas City and became the Kansas City Chiefs. The other team was the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys were an expansion team in 1960 for the NFL.

What nfl teams have played each other the most in super bowls?

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys played against each other three times. The Steelers won Super Bowls X and XIII; the Cowboys won Super Bowl XXX.

What is Selena Gomez favorite football team?

Philadelphia Eagles this is her other besides dallas cowboys

Which Super Bowl featured the Miami Dolphins vs. the Dallas Cowboys?

The two teams played against each other in Super Bowl VI with Dallas winning 24-3.