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Q: What olympic tradition symbolises the passing of olympic traditions from one generation to another?
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How have traditions and customs in Mexico passed from one generation to another?

By oral tradition, tough many of these traditions have been documented for the world to see.

What are importances of oral tradition?

The importance of oral tradition is that it helps pass on the history from one generation to another.

What is Filipino tradition?

There are many Filipino traditions. One tradition is asked permission from a girl's family in order to date her. Another tradition is to have the date supervised.

Define the term tradition?

The passing of customs and beliefs from one generation to another

What traditions are the in Peru?

One of the traditions in Peru is to honor Saints with festivals. Dance is another popular tradition in Peru. There are many different dances that are traditionally done in Peru.

What is a story or legend passed down from generation to generation?

A story or legend passed down from generation to generation is called oral history, oral tradition, or folklore.

How does oral tradition help us remember history?

The transmissions of customs or beliefs from generation to generation by one person telling another person and so on and so on.

What was the biggest factor in bringing Native Americans in contact with one another?

The greatest factor in shaping Native American culture groups were the traditions handed down through the generations. Each different tribe had certain traditions that were unique to their tribe. These traditions followed generation after generation, shaping the culture of the tribe.

How have traditions and customs in Jamaica passed from one generation to another?

Irelands traditions and customs have been passed from one generation to the other by old legends and folklore. Many natives to Ireland tell tales and stories to their grandchildren about this country.

What dating traditions do Persians attend?

One of the Persian dating traditions that should be followed is that the female is never left alone with the male during dating. Another tradition is that the couple not have any physical contact.

What is the adjective form of tradition?

Tradition: noun: Something that is passed on from one generation to another. Synonyms: custom, routine, ritual, practice, habit, beliefs, usage, method, mode, way

What does the oral tradition of Filipinos say about them as a people?

Oral tradition is the passing on from one generation (and/or locality) to another of songs, chants, proverbs, and other verbal compositions within and between non‐literate cultures