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Q: What olympic sporting was called quinquertium?
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Are the olympic games more political event than a sporting event?


Which Olympic games did many nations boycott because of NZ's sporting contacts with South Africa?

It was in the summmer olympic games,1976

What sporting event was making news in December 4 1995?

Jew olympic sports

What sporting event is held china back in 2008?

mario and sonic at the olympic games

The statue of Zeus at Olympia marks the original site of which sporting event?

The Olympic Games

Where can I buy an Olympic weight bench?

You can buy an Olympic weight bench at your local MC Sporting Goods store, Dunham's, Dicks Sporting Goods, or even Cabela's. You can order off their sites and save on gas going to their retail stores!

How is the Olympic games to us today?

The Olympic games are now a commercial enterprise far more than a sporting tournament. It is driven my sales and markets.

What world wide sporting was held in Homebush NSW in 2000?

The 2000 Summer Olympic Games.

How many Sporting Events took place during the Olympic games?

302 in 26 sports

How many events are there at the Olympic games 2012?

There were 36 different types of sporting events taking place.

Why have the olympic games continued to be held to this day?

Why would they stop them!!!Meant to unite the would in a sporting event!!!

Which famous sporting event began in Athens in 1896?

Olympic Games