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Q: What olympic sport is Denmark well known for?
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Is bicycling a sport?

Yes it is, and an Olympic Games regular as well.

What sport is russia well known for?


Is water ballet a sport?

The actual term is Synchronized Swimming, and is definitely a sport. It is an Olympic sport as well. You need exceptional endurance, strength, and flexibility to participate.

How many sisters did the olympic have?

The Olympic had two sister ships, the well known Titanic and the slightly lesser known Britannic. The Olympic is the only one of the three which did not sink .

What year did beach volley ball become an olympic sport?

Well, you see beach volley ball really isn't a sport at all. What it is is when people get hungry they decide to play. So it never really became a sport or in other words was never an Olympic sport.

Is badminton a well known sport?

cuz we sex

What is the most well known sport in Canada?


How has volleyball changed the world?

Well, obviously it has impacted the world as it started as a womens sport and evolved into a mens sport and slo an Olympic game.

How can the olympic games be a waste of money?

well the Olympic games make more money then how much they pay for it. thank goodness for tourist that love sport

Why isn't bulletball an olympic sport?

Bulletball is a new sport/game that is not well know around the world yet. While it is becoming popular in the United States, and the UK (to a lesser extent) it needs to be played world wide to to considered for Olympic competition. "A sport or discipline is included in the Olympic program if the IOC (International Olympic Committee) determines that it is widely practised around the world, that is, the number of countries that compete in a given sport is the indicator of the sport's prevalence."

What are the landmarks of Denmark?

There is the Little Mermaid that is placed in Copenhagen, which is very well known.

What were some of the significant achievements of the Olympic how did they influence the Maya?

There is not a term with Olympic standing on its own. There is the term Olympic Games, which can be abbreviated as the OlympicS. The modern Olympic Games are well known. The original games, were the Ancient Olympic Games, a multi-sport event held in Olympia, Greece between 776 BC and 393 AD. There were not any contacts between the Greeks and the Maya. At that time the existence of America was not even known. America was discovered in the late 15th century, roughly 1,100 years after the end of the ancient Olympic games

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