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Q: What oil goes in Yamaha RX1 snowmobile?
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What oil viscosity goes in a Yamaha RX1 snowmobile?

I run amsoil 0w-30 full synthetic only in my 05 rx-1

Where is the oil filter on 2005 Yamaha rx warrior snowmobile?

The oil filter is under the battery.

What grade of oil goes in a Yamaha 250?

what grade of oil goes in a 2006 yamaha sirago

Can you use snowmobile oil in your 1979 yz 125 Yamaha?

well yes! 2 cycle!

What kind of oil go in Yamaha snowmobile chain case?

answered on dootalk. 75W90 synthetic gear lube

What oil gas mixture for 1979 srx Yamaha snowmobile?

The gas oil mixture for that sled is 24:1 according to the tag on my 79 srx.

What is gas to oil raceo for 1983 Yamaha 440 ss snowmobile?

50:1 That is what I run in my 1982 440 ss

How much oil does a Yamaha rx-1 snowmobile take?

3 quarts of 5w30 yamalube cold weather formula

What kind of oil goes in the crankcase of a polaris 680 snowmobile?

no oil goes in the crank case, it uses lubrication from the 2cycle oil injected into the fuel that runs through the crank area

How much oil goes in Yamaha tzr 125?


What type of oil goes in a yamaha blaster?

a good quality 2 stroke oil

How do you change oil and filter in 2003 Yamaha RX1?

There is a panel on the bottom of the sled. Unscrew the 5 screws with a allen bit. drain the oil from the plug that is there. You also have to take the right panel off the front of the sled and drain the oil out of the oil resevior. To change the oil filter, you have to remove the airbox, then the battery, then the battery frame. The oil filter is under all that. Hope this helps.