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His number was 17

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Q: What number was steven Gerrard for Liverpool before he became captain?
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What did steven Gerrard do before he was famous?

Before he became famous, he joined the Liverpool ayoith team and made his way to be the captain and the winne rat Liverpool.

Which football player is the captain of Liverpool before steven Gerrard?

Jamie Carragher its all about Liverpool.Actually is was ''Sami Hyypiä, he passed the captaincy to Gerrard in 2003.Jamie Carragher has never been appointed the official club captain.''

Where did Steven Gerrard used to play before the Loverpool?

He grew at Liverpool FC and he use to play for Liverpool.

Who did Gerrard play for before Liverpool?

i don't think he played for another team, go Liverpool robyn

Which player was captain before Steven Gerrard?

Sami Hyypia

Which Liverpool player was captain before Sami Hypia?

Liverpool will never win the premiership hahahahaah

Who did captian hook work for before he became a captain?

Captain Hook sailed under the pirate Captain Blackbeard, a ruthless tyrannical pirate, before becoming a captain.

Did Stephen Gerrard wear a number 9?

No, he is number eight at Liverpool and four on international England. Before number eight, he was wearing number 17.

Was jarome iginla assistant captain of the Calgary Flames before becoming captain?

No he became captain right away after inpressing his coaches

When did Captain James Cook become captain?

James Cook became captain in 1775, at age 47, and barely four years before he died.

What did Captain Hardcastle do before he became a teacher?

He was a soldier in the first world war, if this is Captain Hardcastle from the novel Boy that you are talking about.

Is Michael Owen an everton fan?

Michael Owen was an Everton fan as a kid, before he became a professional footballer. I guess he would support Liverpool and Everton now though, given what he achieved with Liverpool

What team did kuyt play for before he came to Liverpool?

no Liverpool stinks

What team did Djibil Cisse play for before he came to Liverpool?

Answerdjibril played for auxerre before joining liverpool

What was Luis Suarez's team before Liverpool?

Before Liverpool, Luis Suarez played in the Netherlands at Ajax FC.

Which team was martin kelly before Liverpool?

none he started his career at Liverpool

What team did reina play for before Liverpool?

Pepe Reina previously played for Villarreal before joining Liverpool in 2005.

How many games had Steven Gerrard played with England before the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Steven Gerrard had played 111 time for England before the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What type of education did John Lennon have before he became famous?

John Lennon went to primary school and to high school before becoming famous. He did attend college in Liverpool, however he was kicked out before he could graduate.

Who is 9 for Liverpool?

Liverpool's current number 9 is Andy Carroll and before him was Fernando Torres

What team does Luis Suarez play for before he came to Liverpool?

Luis Suarez played for the Amsterdam team Ajax before transferring to Liverpool

Has Torres been at Chelsea before?

No but he did play for Liverpool before his transfer.

Who was the Indian captain before Dhoni?

Sourav Ganguly was the Indian Captain before Dhoni.

What team did ACarrol play before Liverpool?

Anndy Carrol played for newcastle united bfore liverpool

How much is steven Gerrard worth?

Steven Gerrard is worth 20 million pounds considering his age. Although before in his twenties he was worth somethin like 35m