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Q: What number was Hank Aaron in the negro leagues?
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How old was Hank Aaron when he played in the negro league?

Hank Aaron was 18 years old when he played for the Indianapolis Clowns in 1952.

What did Hank Aaron do in college?

Hank Aaron never attended college. During his junior year of high school, he joined a negro baseball league team.

Who was the last active player in Major League Baseball to have been in the Negro Leagues?

Hank Aaron was the last Negro League player to have a regular position in the Major League. Minnie Minoso was the last to actually play in a MLB game. (Two games for the White Sox in 1980.)

What MLB players played in the negro leagues and are in the hall of fame?

Jackie Robinson Ernie Banks Ray Brown Willard Brown Monte Irvin Willie Mays Ray Campanella Satchel Paige Henry "Hank" Aaron

When did Hank Aaron join the braves?

Hank Aaron was signed by the Braves in June, 1952. He had been playing with the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro Leagues when the Braves signed him. His first team in MLB was the Braves and he played with the Braves for 21 seasons.

What was Hank Aaron's college life?

Hank Aaron never attended college as a young man. After he left high school, he played Negro League baseball and then wound up with the Braves organization.

What is Hank Aaron's official fan phone number?

Well, since Hank Aaron is dead... A public fan phone number for Hank Aaron is not known at this time. WikiAnswers will not provide private contact information for celebrities and individuals alike.

In 1957 what error was made on the Hank Aaron card?

1957 Topps Hank Aaron UERThe error which was uncorrected on the 1957 Hank Aaron card number 20 was a reverse negative. Hank Aaron was right handed hitter the card pictures him as a left handed hitter.

Is Lary Aaron Hank Aaron?

no, Lary Aaron is a son of Hank Aaron.

The number of home runs hit by Hank Aaron the all-time leader was what?

Hank Aaron hit 755 career home runs.

Who is Hank Aaron's nephew Richard Aaron?

He is Hank Aaron's nephew.

Where was Hank Aaron from?

Hank Aaron was from Mobile Alabama.