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Q: What number of people watch soccer in the US a year?
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How many people watch soccer each year?

The number is suspected to be in the millions.

How many people see soccer?

The number of people watching soccer is growing rapidly each year. And nw African and Asian countries are also doing well, so the number is ia few million people .

What is the most watch sport in the worldsoccer or football?

Soccer is watched more because football only comes on once a week. Most people I know watch baseball more than soccer or football because there are so many more games a year.

How many people watch the football in a year?

over 70 million people watch football a year

How many people play soccer in Ecuador?

80,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, is how many people ecuador soccer in a year or 2. that is awsome to know

How many people get hurt from soccer a year?

This is cool

How many people watch the State of the Union Address?

The number of people who watch the State of the Union address varies from year to year. Approximately 33.3 million people watched President Obama's State of the Union address at the beginning of his 2nd term in office.

Why did the ball design change every year for soccer?

So that people go out and buy the new soccer ball every year.

What year did blacks get to play soccer?

Black people have played soccer at all levels since its organization.

Is soccer a winter game?

Soccer is usually a winter game, but people like to play it all year around.

How many people watch F1?

IT'S OVER 1000000000 PEOPLE watch F1 every year.

Which Italian soccer player wears shirt number 8?

There have been a number of Italian soccer players that have worn the shirt number 8 both professionally and non professionally. There have been 6 soccer professional players with the number 8 on their shirt in the last year alone.

Who was year soccer player this year?

The year soccer player this year is Lionel Messi.

Who is the number one soccer player in the world?

Kaka, who plays for AC Milan is currently the number 1 player in the world and was voted FIFA World Soccer Player of the Year

How many people play soccer in Canada?

About 2.6 million people played soccer in Canada in any given year. Many of the stadiums in Canada serve as both Canadian football and soccer fields.

How many people watch tennis this year?


Is soccer france's national sport?

Soccer is the most popular sport in France with 2,320,625 registered players last year (2008). (One out of 27 people living in France, considering there are 63,000,000 people in France) Tennis is the number 2 sport with 1,094,593 registered players.

What season do people play soccer?

Well, Usually Soccer season are in fall and winter( this is for recreation) If you are a "serious" or "competitive" soccer player you can choose to play club soccer which consists of all year round.

How many people watch the World Series?

ok. this is an about number, but there are 56 million who watch it each year, which is 20% of our population. no wonder its the most popular sport in america! Red Sox's Rox!

In what months do people play soccer?

Soccer can be played year round. depending where you live. if you live in a cold place there is indoor soccer. if you live in a warm climate area you can play inside and out.

How many people watch bullfighting each year?


How many people die because of soccer each year?

about like 15 to 20

How many people die a year from playing Soccer?

Death from playing professional sports, like soccer, is very rare, thought it does occur sometimes == ==

What is the formula for calculating population growth rate?

The number of births in a given year + the number of people who move to a country in a given year - the number of deaths in a given year - the number of people who leave the country in a given year.

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