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Walter Johnson was one of Baseball's greatest pitchers. He won a total of 416 games.

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Q: What number of games did baseball pitcher Walter Johnson win?
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What was the number of shut out games that were won by baseball pitcher Walter Johnson?

Walter Johnson was a pitching legend in major league baseball. His record was 416 wins and 279 losses. In his games won, he did so with 110 shutouts.

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What was remarkable about baseball pitcher Walter Johnson?

The term of "remarkable" is difficult to define. That is unless one checks the vast number of baseball records set by the large number of them spanning baseball's long existence. Many sports writers would clearly say that Walter Johnson had a remarkable career. His career stands out and is certainly remarkable when one considers his overall pitching record with a sub-par team, the Washington Senators. Despite what is called support runs, Johnson's career stands at 416 wins vs 279 losses. That clearly speaks to his longevity but what is truly remarkable is that among his 416 victories, he had 110 shut outs!Not bad as he was playing with the Senators.

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