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Chris Chandler wore number 12 when he was quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons.

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Q: What number is chris chandler qb for falcons?
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Who was the falcons QB in 98-99?

Chris Chandler

Who was the quarterback for the falcons when they went to Super Bowl?

Chris Chandler was the starting QB for the Falcons the year they went to the Super Bowl (Super Bowl XXXIII). Chandler played for the Falcons between 1997-2001.

Who was the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons before Michael Vick?

Chris Chandler.Vick's first season with the Falcons was 2001 and he started two games that season. Chris Chandler started the other 14 and was the Falcons starting QB from 1997-2001.

Who Was the QB the last time the falcons went to the Super Bowl?

Chris Chandler was the Atlanta Falcons quarterback in Super Bowl XXXIII, in which the Denver Broncos defeated the Falcons, 34-19. The game was played January 31, 1999 in Miami.

Who is the Atlanta Falcons QB?

Matt Ryan and chris redman

Who took Brett favres place when he left the falcons?

Wade Wilson. Favre was the 3rd QB on the 1991 Falcons, playing behind Chris Miller and Billy Joe Tolliver. Miller and Tolliver were on the 1992 Falcons and the 3rd QB was Wilson.

What was steve bartkowski's QB number for the falcons back in the 80's?

Number 10

Who did Brett Favre back up when with the Atanta Falcons?

Brett Favre was the third string QB for the Falcons in 1991. The starting QB was Chris Miller and the second string QB was Billy Joe Tolliver. Atlanta coach Jerry Glanville did not approve of the drafting of Favre, famously saying it would take a plane crash for him to put Favre into the game.

Who was number one pick in football draft in 1975?

Steve Bartkowski - QB - selected by the Atlanta Falcons

Who was the starting qb when Brett Favre was in atlanta?

Chris Miller was the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons during the 1991 season, Favre's only year with the club.

What famous NFL player wore the jersey number 2?

Falcons QB Matt Ryan - good, not great.

Who was the fastest QB in the nfl in 2005?

In 2005, it was probably Michael Vick, he was QB for the Atlanta Falcons at the time.

What Team did Packers QB Brett Favre first play for?

The Atlanta Falcons

What was Brett Favre QB coach when he played for the Atlanta Falcons?

Jerry Glanville

Who was the first black quarterback to be picked first round first pick in the NFL draft?

Michael Vick Mike Vick QB fo eagles former qb for falcons further black qb to win super bowl

Who was the first pick in the 2001 NFL Draft?

2001 Michael Vick QB Virginia Tech Atlanta Falcons

Who was the last quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams?

The Rams final season in Los Angeles was 1994. Chris Miller and Chris Chandler shared the starting QB duties while Tommy Maddox was third string. In the Rams final game as the L.A. Rams, December 24, 1994 against the Washington Redskins, Chris Miller was the starter and played the entire game in a Rams 24-21 loss.

Who was the oldest quarterback to play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Steve DeBerg of the Atlanta Falcons was 44 years, 279 days old when he started for the Falcons against the New York Jets on October 25, 1998. The Falcons lost 28-3. DeBerg is the oldest player to start a game at QB in NFL history.

Who won the Heisman Trophy in 2000?

Chris Weinke Florida State QB

Can the eagles beat the falcons?

The Falcons will never be able to beat the Eagles! The Eagles have a bunch of GREAT players! Including Vick. Yeah he did some bad things that even I'm against and hate, but he still is a great QB and you have to give it to him. The Super Bowl this year will probably be the Falcons and the Eagles.

Is roger Vick Michael vicks dad?

Yes roger Vick is his dad. Roger vick was a RB for the Jets Michael Vick is (as of 2011) a QB for the Eagles he was also a QB for the Falcons

Who was the first qb for the giants?

the 1st qb for the giants is jack hoff. he was number #69

What are facts about the Houston Texans?

1.they suck 2.they have a bad qb 3.they really suck 4.they have slaton who sucks 5.Go Falcons

Who is the football 2008 rookie of the year?

Offensive: Matt Ryan QB, Atlanta Falcons Defensive: Jerod Mayo LB, New England Patriots In_My_Tree888

How many players wear number 7 in the NFL?

20 Ravens QB-Kyle Boller Falcons QB-Michael Vick (suspended) Buccaneers QB-Jeff Garcia 49ers QB-Luke Getsy Patriots QB-Matt Gutierrez Vikings QB-Tarvaris Jackson Cardinals QB-Matt Leinart Bills QB- J.P. Losman Seahawks QB-Travis Lulay Raiders QB-Jeff Otis Steelers QB-Ben Roethlisberger Bengals QB-Jeff Smith Chargers QB-Billy Volek Browns K-Paul Ernster Cowboys K-Martin Gramatica Chiefs K-Justin Medlock Panthers P-Jason Baker Texans P-Chad Stanley Bears E-George Halas Lions QB-Dutch Clark