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Number 11.

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Q: What number does Freddie flintoff wear on his cricket shirt?
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What is Freddie flintoff test captains cap number?

It's 50. But I have no idea what it means, because his shirt number is 591.

Who is number 28 in the Indian cricket team?

There is no player available in Indian Cricket team with the shirt number 28

Whose shirt number is 19 in Indian cricket team?

Virat Kohli

Who wears the number 1 shirt in cricket?

Sachin tendulkar

What is the jersey number of zahir khan?

In one day cricket Zaheer Kahn wears the number 34 shirt.

What is the number on the sachin's t-shirt in the present Indian Cricket team?

he has already retired,but his jersy number was 10.

The color of Freddie Kruger's shirt?

Red and green stripes.

What is the number on Shahid Afridi cricket shirt?

10 really even go to bbc 1 and text and then check

What does the number on cricket shirt mean?

The numbers on cricket shirts refers to player numbers. This is similar to the jersey numbers assigned to the tee shirts of football players. It is used to identify the player who is wearing the tee shirt.

How do you get a Kenya cricket shirt?

From nairobi sports house

Who wears shirt 21 in the India national cricket team?

Sourav Ganguly

I want to buy Indian cricket shirt in India any shop you known?