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Q: I want to buy Indian cricket shirt in India any shop you known?
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Who is number 28 in the Indian cricket team?

There is no player available in Indian Cricket team with the shirt number 28

What was the uniform of India in 2011 in cricket world cup?

There is a wide range of cricket clothing on the market but during the recent ICC Cricket World Cup, India wore a light blue playing shirt made by Nike, with a green, white and orange trim (the colours of their national flag). The playing shirt was sponsored by Sahara, a large Indian based company. The shirt was complimented with blue trousers.

Whose shirt number is 45 in Indian cricket team?

Rohit Sharma

Whose shirt number is 19 in Indian cricket team?

Virat Kohli

Who wears shirt 21 in the India national cricket team?

Sourav Ganguly

What is the number on the sachin's t-shirt in the present Indian Cricket team?

he has already retired,but his jersy number was 10.

Why Indian cricket team wears blue shirt?

because of the color of the BCCI fla. its navy blue and yellow. Thus india started with the same colors int he embroyic stages of Colored ODI's which later shifte to light blue with the course of time

Why irISH cricketer was wearing shirt having tag RSA?

RSA INSURANCE is the company that sponsors the IRISH CRICKET TEAM, just as we have SAHARA INDIA.

Who is the present womens cricket team captain?

mithali raj is indian women cricket team captain. played first odi on 26 june 1999. has odi shirt no. three(3).

How do you get a Kenya cricket shirt?

From nairobi sports house

Who wears the number 1 shirt in cricket?

Hashim amla

Which cricket players wear number 10 shirt?

Sachin tendulkar

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