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Q: What number did Kevin Garnett wear on Team US at the 2000 Olympics?
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Who won the maximum number of medals in during sydney Olympics 2000?


Where is the 2000 Winter Olympics going to be?

There was no winter Olympics in 2000.

Where were Summer Olympics 2000?

the summer Olympics for 2000 were held in syndy,asrilia

What are the release dates for Chasing Kevin - 2000?

Chasing Kevin - 2000 was released on: USA: 30 October 2000 (Vulgarthon 2000)

Where there 2000 Olympics held in Rome?

2000 Summer Olympics were held in Sydney Australia.

Who hosted the 2000 summer Olympics?

The 2000 Summer Olympics were held in Sydney, Australia.

When was Phelps' first Olympics?

2000 Sydney Olympics.

Where were the winter Olympics in 2000?

There were no winter Olympics that year.

When was the trampolining introduced to the Olympics?

2000 sydney Olympics

Were the 2000 Olympics were held in Rome?

No, the 2000 Olympics were held in Sydney, Australia. The 1960 Summer Olympics were held in Rome.

Who won the most gold medals in the 2000 winter Olympics?

The Winter olympics was not held in 2000.

Is there a maximum number of sport played in the summer Olympics?

the IOC has decided to put a limit on the number of sports, as well as events and athletes, in the Summer Olympics in order not to increase them from the 28 sports, 300 events and 10,000 athletes of the 2000 Summer Olympics.