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Q: What number did Deion Sanders wear for the ravens?
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What number did Deion Sanders wear for the Dallas Cowboys?

Deion Sanders wore the number 21 for the Dallas Cowboys.

What number did Deion Sanders wear in baseball?


What number did deion sanders wear for the cowboys?

Deion Sanders wore No. 21 for the Dallas Cowboys from 1995 to 1999.

What jersey will deion sanders wear in the hall of fame?

deion sanders will be number 21 in the hall of fame

What number did Deion Sanders wear for the Washington Redskins?


Which Sports figures wore or wear the number 21?

Roger Clemens Deion Sanders Roberto Clemente

What good football players wear number 21?

LaDanian Tomlinson, Tiki Barber, Deion Sanders, Deanglo Hall, Bob Sanders, Type your answer here...

What shoe size does Deion Sanders wear?


What number does Bob Sanders wear?


Is Reggie Bush as fast as Deion Sanders in the 40 yard dash when Deion was Reggies age?

Reggie Bush will never be as fast as Deion Sanders. He may not even be able to beat Deion now. Deion Sanders has freak speed, while Bush is just fast. But not that fast! Deion, 4.21, Reggie, 4.3 something. That is it, that is all! deion ran a 4.1 forty with pads on so figure it out a sub four forty without pads that's blazing fast.......... Deion ran a 4.19 40 in sweat pants players now days wear only spandex my guess he would have ran the 40 in 4.09 if he got wat players now days get and he ran the 40 4.6 BACKWARDS Deion: 4.19 Reggie: 4.31

What number did Willie Magee wear?

he wears 23 on the ravens.

What number does Ravens K Billy Cundiff wear?

# 7

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