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Gatorade of course

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Q: What nourishment is often given to athletes during games?
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What was the winning athletes given a prize on the first Olympia games?


Are Olympic athletes given a stipend during the actual competition?

Yes, they are.

What awards were given to athletes at the first olympic games and what awards are given today?

the first olympic "medals" was a branch of olive leafs

What is the name given to the place where the athletes live during the Olympic Games?

Athletes stay in a variety of housing. Some stay at the Olympic Village, others rent hotel rooms or houses. I'm sure some Chinese athletes might stay in their personal homes if they are near their competition venue.

How were the Olympic Games important to Greek Culture?

athletes were treated like demi-gods and given rewards for winning artisans made statues of some of the olympic winners the gods were naked, and so were the athletes

Why were the athletes given wreath of olive leaves?

The crown of olive leaves was an ancient Greek practice started at the original Olympic Games and continued in 2004 and at marathons.

What is the special name given to the group of sports that older athletes compete in?

World Masters Games. They will be held in Sydney, Australia this year.

A medal given to third place athletes?


What should be given to athletes for instant energy?


What were the ancient greek olnpic winners given?

The Greek athletes were given wreaths on their heads.

What food does Olympics eat to become strong and healthy while training?

The "Olympics" is the name given to the games. Games do not eat etc, it is the athletes that participate in the Olympics that eat and train.These athletes eat a balanced diet, tailored to the sport for which they are training.As your question is muddled and because you have not specified the sport we can not provide you with more detailed information.

How many home runs would you expect the player to hit during any strech of ten games during the season?

I would expect about 200 home runs for a player during any stretch of ten games during a given season.