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Yes, they are.

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: Are Olympic athletes given a stipend during the actual competition?
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Does Lowering the core body temperature before competition help athletes perform better?

Athletes running in a hot, humid environment may have an increased risk of heat illness. In the 2004 Olympic Games, American and Australian athletes were provided with ice vests designed to cool their bodies before performance. The vest appeared to be effective in keeping body temperatures down and improving the performance of the marathoners. However, body temperatures have not been reported when the vest was used before an actual competition.

Do the USA Olympic winners get any money?

The Olympians are not paid for their sport, per se. They might receive allowances for travel costs, lodging, and sportswear, but for performing in the actual competition, no, they are not paid.

How are the Olympic games different today?

The Olympic game today are, far more than anything else, a commercial venture as opposed to a competition between amateurs. The actual sports activities are simply the 'hook' on which the rest of the spectacle is hung and have become almost incidental.

What the meaning of competition in dreams?

Competition in dreams usually mirrors your actual competitiveness in real life.

Are the Olympic gold medals chocolate cookies?

No, the Olympic medals are made of actual gold, silver and bronze.

The name for the actual interval between the Olympic Games?


How many gold medals are in the Olympic Decathlon?

There is only one gold medal award in each Olympic Decathlon to the decathlon winner. There has been 25 gold medals awarded in the 24 Olympic Games that included the Decathlon competition. The reason why there is one more gold medal awarded than actual events competitions is because in 1912 there were co-gold medalists.

What is the actual value of an Olympic gold metal?

2 dollars and 3 cents

What countries observe Olympic holidays?

Olympic Holidays is the name of a travel agency. There are no actual holidays associated with the Olympics. Olympic Holidays offers many packages to European countries for vacations.

Where and when does the Olympic torch reach the UK?

The actual path may be a well-protected secret.

How big is an olympic size riding arena?

The standard size of an Olympic riding or dressage arena is 60 meters by 20 meters. The size of the actual area may vary slightly, but that is the Olympic standard.

How do you un lockacademics and athletes on Monster High?

wait until sept. 7 that's when actual school start

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