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Wilma Menelik goes by Wilmi.

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Q: What nicknames does Wilma Menelik go by?
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What is the birth name of Wilma Menelik?

Wilma Menelik's birth name is Wilma Beatriz Menelik.

What nicknames does Paula Beatriz Menelik go by?

Paula Beatriz Menelik goes by Pauli.

When could Wilma Rudolph go to school?

Wilma Rudolph could go to school at the age of twelve.

Who was the mother of Menelik II?

Ijigayehu was the mother of Menelik II

When was Menelik Shabazz born?

Menelik Shabazz was born in 1954, in Barbados.

How tall is Menelik Watson?

NFL player Menelik Watson is 6'-05''.

What NFL team does Menelik Watson play for?

Menelik Watson plays for the Oakland Raiders.

When did Menelik II of Ethiopia die?

Menelik II of Ethiopia died on 1913-12-12.

When was Menelik II of Ethiopia born?

Menelik II of Ethiopia was born on 1844-08-17.

What position does Menelik Watson play?

Menelik Watson plays Offensive Tackle for the Oakland Raiders.

What is Menelik Watson's number on the Oakland Raiders?

Menelik Watson is number 71 on the Oakland Raiders.

Was Menelik a ruler of Ethiopia?


What college did NFL player Menelik Watson play for?

NFL player Menelik Watson played for Florida State.

How old is Menelik Watson?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Menelik Watson is 25 years old.

How much does NFL player Menelik Watson weigh?

NFL player Menelik Watson weighs 315 pounds.

When did Wilma r go to school?


How old was Wilma Rudolph when she was diagnosed with polio?

Wilma Rudolph was 4 years of age when she go Polio

Did Menelik II have a kid?


Where did Wilma Rudolph go to college?

University of Tennessee

Where did Wilma Rudolph go to middle school?


Where school did Wilma Rudolph go to?

the north pole

Is Menelik mentioned in the Bible?

No, not by that spelling of a name.

What were the names of Queen Sheba's children?


What did menelik II do?

There are so many things that Menelik II did. His main achievements was defeating the Italian army and helped to retain the independence of Ethiopia.

What age did Wilma Rudolph go to the Olympics?

Wilma Rudolph went to the Olympics for the first time in 1956 at age 16.