What nfl teams share stadiums?

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The New York Giants share a stadium with the New York Jets.

The Oakland Raiders share a stadium with the Oakland Athletics (MLB).

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Q: What nfl teams share stadiums?
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Where do they have the Super Bowls?

in stadiums of NFL teams as decided by the league

How many NFL stadiums are there?

Thirty-one There are 32 NFL teams, but the two New York teams: Giants and Jets (or Jets and Giants to Jets fans) share the new Meadowlands Stadium (ironically, located in New Jersey)

What professional baseball and football teams share stadiums?

Oakland A's & Oakland Raiders

What NFL teams have retractable roof stadiums?

I believe only houston and Arizona have truly retractable roofs

How many NFL teams do not play in domed stadiums?

The 49ers, Raiders, Packers, Seahawks, and so many more.

What is the richest NFL team?

None, the NFL has revenue sharing, where all the teams get a eqaul share of all the money the NFL has earned.

How many football field for their in US?

There are 1000's including NFL Stadiums, smaller league stadiums, high school fields, etc. But there are 31 NFL Stadiums.

Which nfl teams don't have retractable roof stadiums?

Some places just want to keep the authenticty of their stadium,Like Lambeau Field.

6 pro teams with same mascot?

No two NFL teams share the same mascot, let alone six.

Are nfl stadiums in Tampa Jacksonville or Tampa domes?

No, they are both open air stadiums.

How many NFL stadiums have real grass?

there are 20 stadiums with natural grass left

What stores sell NFL slippers?

There are many stores that sell NFL slippers. NFL teams sell merchandise in their stadiums and in sports clothing stores. You can also find them at FansEdge, amazon,Walmart and Hayneedle to name a few.

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