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Q: What nfl team had the owner for longest?
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Can NFL owner coach team?

Can a nfl owner coach his own

Who is the longest tenured owner in NFL?

Lamar hunt

Does Will Smith own a NFL team?

The actor Will Smith is not an owner or minority owner of an NFL Franchise. While he is not an NFL owner, Will Smith is a minority owner of the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers.

Can an NFL owner be removed from a team?

He can sell his team, but not often can he be removed his from his team.

What nfl owner traded his team-- the past a NFL team owner traded his team with another owner Seems I think one was the LA RAMS but not sure Who were the owners and the teams.TKS?

Carroll Rosenbloom (Baltimore Colts owner) and Bob Irsay (Los Angeles Rams owner) traded teams.

Which NFL team owner is the richest?

Paul Allen

What nfl team has the longest active sell out streak?


What coach has been with his team longest in the NFL?

Jeff fisher

Which team has the longest active consecutive playoff appearances for the NHL MLB NFL NBA?

The NFL.

What team has the NFL owned the longest?

The NFL doesn't really own teams. Each team is owned either by a city or by a single person. Sometimes, they are owned by groups of people. The oldest current owner is Bill Bidwill of the Arizona Cardinals, who has owned them since 1972.

Who was the first female owner of NFL team?

Georgia fronterie

Who is the richest NFL team owner?

Paul Allen owner of Seattle Seahawks cofounder of Microsoft

Which NFL team has the record for the longest losing streak?

Cleveland browns

What NFL team has the longest streak for making the playoffs?

Pittsburgh steelers

Which NFL team has the longest playoff streak?


What NFL team has gone the longest without a postseason win?


Who are the longest tenured coaches of one team in NFL?

dan reeves

What nfl team has the longest streak not going to the Super Bowl?


What NFL team has the longest active home winning streak?


Who was the youngest NFL team owner?

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt. He is 43 years old. Inherited the team when his father passed in 2006/

Who is the owner of the panthers NFL team?

The Owner/Founder of the Carolina Panthers is a gentleman named Jerry Richardson.

How much money is each NFL owner is worth?

NFL team owners are ridiculously wealthy. Each team is worth around $500,000,000+, so NFL team owners are probably worth around $400,000,000,000.

NFL team spent longest time in founding city?

gb packers

Which NFL team has gone the longest without a playoff win?

cincinnatti Bengals

What NFL team has the longest losing streak?

The NFL team that holds the record for the longest losing streak are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 1976, they lost every game they played that season. Their record is a 26 game losing streak.