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Q: What nfl team called American forefathers?
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Which NFL football team's nickname is grizzlies?

There is no NFL team called the Grizzlies.

An NFL team that is called six shooters?

An NFL team called the six shooters is the Indianapolis Colts.

Who is American's team in the NFL?

Dallas Cowboys

What NFL team is mythological giants?

the bobsSaveSave Sign in Sign in What NFL team is called

What NFL team is the mountain goats?

There is no NFL football team called the Mountain Goats.

Is there a nfl team called the greats?


Was there a NFL team called the greats?

No there was not.

Was there a NFL team called the sharks?


What is it called when an NFL team doesn't score?

When an NFL team doesn't score a single point in a game, that is called a shutout.

What nfl team is called streakers?

The Chargers are the NFL team that is nicknamed and commonly called the streakers. The Chargers are a football team that belongs to the state of California.

What NFL team is called the ocean birds?

There is no "ocean birds" NFL team

What nfl team nickname is American gauchos?


What NFL team is called Americas team?

The Dallas Cowboys

Are the Riders NFL or CFL?

CFL. It must be short for RoughRiders. There is no team called the "Riders" in the NFL. However, there is a team called the Raiders.

Why is the NFL team in Chicago called the Bulls?

The Chicago NFL team is actually called the Chicago Bears not the Bulls. However the Chicago NBA team is the Bulls.

Is ther a nfl team called the cyclones?


Was there ever an nfl team called the Yankees?


What team NFL team is called sun tanned bodies?


What NFL team refers to the hint American fowl?

There is no NFL team that is named after a fowl. The closest I can think of is a derogatory nickname used for the Seattle Seahawks. They are often called the "Sea-Chickens" by fans of opposing teams.

What NFL team refers to Native American leaders?


Are any team owners in the NFL African American?


What did the NFL used to be called?

The NFL used to be called the APFA (American Professional Football Association) It was changed in 1922 to the NFL

WHAT NFL team is called the insect killers?


What NFL team is called the iron workers?


What is Idaho's NFL team called?

They don't have one.

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