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There is no NFL football team called the Mountain Goats.

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Q: What NFL team is the mountain goats?
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Mountain goats are not endangered.

Are Mountain goats endangered?

Mountain goats are not endangered.

Do they have mountain goats in the arctic?

they don't have mountain goats in the arctic but they do have arctic goats

Are mountain goats herbivores?

YES!!!Mountain Goats are Herbivores.

Do mountain lions eat mountain goats?

Yes, mountain lions do eat goats.

Do mountain goats eat plants?

Yes they do. Mountain goats are herbivores.

What type of music do The Mountain Goats play?

The Mountain Goats play folk music. The Mountain Goats are John Danielle, Peter Hughes, and Jon Wurster. The Mountain Goats started performing in 1991.

Why are goats endangered?

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How do first nations use mountain goats?

they use the mountain goats milk.

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Mountain goats are herbivores and thus do not have prey.

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There are lots of goats at Puerto Rico, but no mountain goats.

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Mountain goats are native to Washington and Alaska

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where do moutain goats sleep

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No goats and sheep are of different genera. Mountain Goats are goats that originated from the mountain areas, while big horned sheep are simply sheep with big horns.

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No, arachnids are spiders, goats are mammals.

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With their horns.

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Mountain goats eat grasses, herbs, segdes, ferns, and moss andlichen.Mostly grass

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Long haired mountain goats live in the mountains of northern Yeman.

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Mountain goats have made adaptations in order to successfully protect themselves from attack by other goats. Specifically, mountain goats have large, sharp horns to fight with, and they are able to easily navigate steep mountain slopes so they can make a quick getaway.

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When they get hungery.

Do mountain goats have horns?


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