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In the early 19 hundreds many QB's played offense and defense.

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Q: What nfl quarterback played both offense and defense?
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When did 'all the players on the field have to play both offense and defense' rule stop being used?

Football RuleI don't know when that was but the last person to play both offense and defense in the NFL was Chuck Bednarik (Philadelphia Eagles, 1949-62). There was also William Perry in super bowl XX who played offense and defense but he only played offense for only 1 play.Deion Sanders occasionally played both sides of the ball. He was a cornerback, returned punts,and was a third wide receiver when he played for the Cowboys.

How many players do you have to have on the line on offense and defense in football line on offense and defense?

There has to be 11 players on offense and Defence for every play. There has to be at least 7 players on the line of scrimmage prior to the snap of the ball. This applies to both offense and defence

What position did Ronald Reagan play in college football?

He mostly played at guard on the Eureka College football team. I think he played both offense and defense.

How many people are on offense and defense in the game of football?

On the field of play during a game there are 11 players on both offense and defense. On a team, where the active roster consists of 45 players, there is usually a breakdown of 21 or 22 players on both offense and defense. Two of the 45 players on the active roster are kickers (punter and placekicker) so that leaves 43 players to breakdown between offense and defense.

Does a black bear have defense or offense?

a black bear has both deffense and offense the offense is the claws and teeth the deffense is the fur to blend in with the grass

If your team has the ball is it offense or defense?

In football The offence and defense both run plays but the offence has the ball

Can you play two positions in the NFL?

In the NFL there are very few players who play two positions. Typically, if they do it is either on offense or defense and then possibly a special teams position.

Was LeBron James a defense or offense player?

Basketball players are both offense and defensive players. He is good at both too. i think he is better on offense though. Kevin Durant and d rose are better though

In lacrosse what is a midfielder?

A midfielder is a player who plays both offense and defense with an attack shaft and may play on both sides of the lacrosse field as long as there are only 5 other players on the same team on the same half of the field (excluding the goalie).

Who should I have on my nba2k15 roster?

I would go with Blake Griffin he is skilled on both offense and defense.

If your son is very proficient at both offense and defense in hockey and wants to play the game at the highest level which way should he focus?


Is a guard a offensive player or defensive player?

All players in basketball play both offense and defense.