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Here is a list of tricks you can learn on a trampoline * Front Handspring * Front Tuck * Back Handspring * Back Tuck * Handstand * Cartwheel * Round- Off * Round- Off Back Handspring * Round- Off Back Handspring Tuck * Back Handspring, Back Handspring * Back Handspring, Back Tuck * Front Handspring, Front Handspring * Front Handspring, Front Tuck * Back Tuck, Back Tuck * Front Tuck, Front Tuck * Front Handspring, Back Handspring * Back Handspring, Front Handspring * Russian * Pike * Tuck * Seat Drop * Belly Flop * Back Drop * Twist * Cannon Ball * Side Flip * Sommersault ... if you have a big enough trampoline... you can do alot more tricks. This is only some of the basic tricks. If you are able to do these... you can experience alot more complicated tricks. If you try these and get hurt... well it is not our fault... we are just sugesting this. Thanks... and remember BE CAREFUL... DONT HURT YOURSELF

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Q: What new tricks can you learn on the trampoline?
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I don't believe that it is considered "working out", but you can get great exercise from it (and learn a lot of new tricks too)

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