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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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How did badminton originate

How do you make inline skates wheels

Which sport uses a piece of equipment 5foot wide and 9 foot long

How are snow mounds removed at South Pole

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Are skeletal muscles voluntary or involuntary

From what country did the Munich Massacre hostages originate

What does the karate word gi mean

What experienced increased popularity due to a movie named after the sport

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Q: What new sports can you play at the Olympics?
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How many sports were play in 2004 Olympics?

There were 33 sports played during 2004 olympics.

What sports can woman not play in the Olympics?


Where did ancient Greece play sports?


What is the difference between the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics?

The Winter Olympics have competitions for sports that are considered 'cold weather sports' .... sports that can only be done on snow or ice. These sports include skiing, speed skating, and ski jumping. The Summer Olympics have competitions for sports that are considered 'warm weather sports'. These sports include athletics (track and field), marathon, and equestrian. There are Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics because you can play different sports in different seasons.

Did Dan Haggerty play professional sports?

dan haggerty didnt play the professional sports but he considered to play the world olympic games by the majority of the athletes didnt get the chance to play the normal olympics instead of the professional sports.

What new sports are in 2016 Olympics?

They will all take part in the stadium!! No new sports thi

What kind of sports did they play in Greece?

They invented the Olympics.

What are the latest sports in the 2012 Olympics?

Women's Boxing is one of the newest events and there are no new sports in the 2012 London Olympics

What sports did ancient Greeks play in the Olympics?

They played the high jump and other sports

What sports do they play in Iraq?

they play football aka soccer, baseball, and the Olympics

What are new sports in the Olympics?

underpant roll

What new sports in the 2012 Olympics?


What kind of sports do they play during the Winter Olympics?


Do people with autism play sports?

It is called the special olympics.

How do mental retarded people play sports?

They play each other in the special olympics.

What fifteen of the new modern sports in the Olympics since the first Olympics?

hi cristina

New exibition sports in the Olympics?

Jump rope

What are some sports that people normally play for fun in Greece?

It may not be the funnest thing, but Greece invented the Olympics. They invented many different sports included in the Olympics.

How many different sports can an athlete play in the Olympics?

30 events

Do they play basketball in the Olympics sports?

Yes Basketball is an Olympic sport.

What countries play sports?

Every country must play sports, since there were 204 of them at the recent Olympics, which is more countries than my atlas lists!

What encourages people to play sports?

The thing that encourages people to play sports is mostly because the Olympics have inspired them and they want to be like them an become an Olympian.that is why

What sports do Canada play?

Same sports as usa but American football is stricly American they usually play soccer and hockey and are known most in the winter Olympics for curling

Can you play two sports in the Olympics?

I believe you could! But it would be hard because you would have to train for both sports.

How did the history of the Olympics evolve?

The Olympics has taken place for one hundred years and new countries have joined and new sports have been accepted.