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The Olympics are in London next year.

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Q: What new countries are at the olyimpics this year?
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How many countries competed in the 2014 olyimpics?

99 and 1000 athles

What type of countries take part in the olyimpics?

The next one i know is BELGIUM, CHINA

In what year will the 2009 Olympic games be held?

it is not possiable to have a 2009 olyimpics

When year did the olyimpics start?

The first Olympic Games of the modern era was in 1896....

Which country is early new year?

Australia is one of the countries that see the new year while most of the countries in Europe are still in the previous year.

Is volleyball in the olyimpics?

yes beach volley ball is in the summer olyimpics

What is the similarity between Chinese New Year and Philippine new year?

They are both new year and are from different countries

How many countries celebrate the new year?

It is not a certain number of countries who celebrate the Lunar New Year. Any country with a significant Chinese population celebrates the Chinese New Year.

What year was the Melbourne olyimpics?

The Melbourne Olympics where held in Melbourne in 1958 and i wasnt alivei loves all

When will Chris Hoy stop doing the olyimpics?

chris hoy will stop the olyimpics when he wants to

Why was the olyimpics given the name the olyimpics?

because the Olympics was made by a man with the surname Olympic

When do the olyimpics?