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Q: What nba team lost a playoff series after starting 3-0?
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How many winning seasons and play-off appearances have the New Patriots had since 1986?

The Patriots have had 15 winning seasons and have qualified for the playoffs 11 times from 1986 to 2009.New England Patriots records & playoff appearances 1986-2008:1986: 11-5 - Playoff Team, Lost Division Championship1987: 8-7 (15 game season)1988: 9-71989: 5-111990: 1-151991: 6-101992: 2-141993: 5-111994: 10-6 - Playoff team, Lost in Wildcard Game1995: 6-101996: 11-5 - Playoff Team, Lost Super Bowl XX1997: 10-6 - Playoff Team, Lost Division Championship Game1998: 9-7 - Playoff Team, Lost Wildcard Game1999: 8-82000: 5-112001: 11-5 - Playoff Team, Won Super Bowl XXXVI2002: 9-72003: 14-2 - Playoff Team, Won Super Bowl XXXVII2004: 14-2 - Playoff Team, Won Super Bowl XXXIX2005: 10-6 - Playoff Team, Lost Division Championship Game2006: 12-4 - Playoff Team, Lost AFC Championship Game2007: 16-0 - Playoff Team, Lost Super Bowl XLII2008: 11-5

Did Michael Jordan ever lose a playoff series after he won his first championship?

Yes, Michael Jordan did win the NBA playoff game and Playoff series when he scored the most playoff points in NBA history.

Who was the last team to lose a playoff series to the Chicago Cubs?

Through the 2008 season, that was the 2003 Atlanta Braves who lost in the NLDS to the Cubs, 3 games to 2.

What team holes the record for the most consecutive playoff series victories?

the Montreal Weiner schnitzels

What Major League Baseball team has the most playoff appareances without a world series win?

Through the 2010 season, that is the Houston Astros with 9 playoff appearances without a World Series win.

What team was three games ahead and then lost the series?

No team has ever lost a World Series after taking a 3-0 lead.

In what year did the manager and team depicted in the blockbuster film Moneyball finally win their first playoff series?


Is a playoff team's roster frozen or can it be changed during the postseason?

A Playoff Team's roster is frozen during the Postseason during each round however they can change it if an injury comes up after the game in which the injury occurs however otherwise they can't change their Playoff rosters until after their current series is over.

What team lost in the 2007 World Series?

The Colorado Rockies lost the 2007 World Series to the Boston Red Sox.

What team did Steve Yzerman suffer an eye injury against late in a playoff series late in his career?

Calgary Flames

Has an nba team comeback from 3-0?

Which NBA teams have come back after being 3-0 in a playoff series

Has any basketball team won all playoff games in a season?

no team has ever won all playoff their playoff games in one season