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Dallas mavaricks

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Q: What nba team did dirk nowitzki play for in 2002 season?
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What NBA team does Dirk Nowitzki play for?

Dirk Nowitzki plays for the Dallas Mavericks.

What positon does dirk nowitzki play?

Power forward

Did dirk Nowitzki play for the bulls?

No, Dirk Nowitzki has never played for Chicago. His only NBA team has been the Dallas Mavericks.

What possion does Dirk nowitzki play?

Dirk is power forward for th Dallas Mavericks

What team did dirk nowitzki play for now?

The Dallas Mavericks.

How long has dirk nowitzki play for NBA?

Dirk started in the NBA in 1998 and is still playing.

Do people in Germany play basketball?

Of course they do. Look at Dirk Nowitzki...

What position does Dirk Nowitzki play?

Small Forward/Power Forward/Center

Did dirk nowitzki ever play for Memphis grizzles?

No, he has played for the Dallas Mavericks his entire career.

Is Dirk Nowitzki better then Tim Duncan?

I don't think there should be any comparison between these two superstars because they play a different position in their respective teams. Tim Duncan is dominant inside the paint and Dirk Nowitzki is a dead shooter. On the other hand, if regardless of positions, Tim Duncan is better because he already led his team to winning an NBA championship and Dirk has not.

What sport did dirk nowitzki and Kevin Durant play professionally?

Both of these athletes are NBA basketball players. Dirt Nowitski plays for Dallas Mavericks and Kevin Durant players for oklahoma city thunder.

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Dean's List - 2002 Post-Season Play at Pitt was released on: USA: 20 March 2006

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