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they must come over the pressure

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Q: What natural elements must a scuba diver overcome when diving?
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What kind of energy does diver at the top of a diving board have?

The diver at the top of a diving board has potential energy

What kind of energy is used when diving?

Diving uses gravitational energy to make the diver fall, and chemical energy to enable the diver to control his or her muscles while diving.

How do you become a deep sea diver?

To become a deep sea diver, diving equipment needs to be purchase. Enrolling in a good diving school program is also recommended forÊbecoming a deep sea diver.

Do scuba diver have back bones?

A scuba diver is a human who enjoys scuba diving. Therefore, a scuba diver has a spine and is a vertebrate.

What kind of diving considered the fastest?

Tom daley is the best diver and the fastest diver ever and he is participating in the olympics 2012 hopefully he will win the diving computation

What are the names of some of the sports magazines that feature scuba diving?

There are several sports magazines which specifically feature scuba diving, these are Scuba Diving, Diver, Sport Diver, Dive Girl, Explore Underwater and Seaduction.

What are Strengths and weaknesses of scuba diving?

The diver.

After the diver jumps forward from the diving board the force of gravity will accelerate the diver parallel to the direction of motion?

No. It will accelerate the diver downward only.

What would a diving knife be used for?

A diving knife is an important tool for any diver to have because it allows divers to escape dangerous situations. In some situations a diving knife must be used to free the diver from some kind of entrapment.

A diver is standing on a 2 m high diving board. The diver has 1274 J of gravitational potential energy.Calculate the diver's mass?

64.9559kg if the gravity acceleration is 1

Which model of diving watches is most durable?

Some very durable diving watches include Invicta Pro Diver, the Seiko SKX series, Citizen Eco-Drive Professional's Diver's Watch, the Aquagraph Wenger Deep Diver Swiss Quartz, and Reactor Dive Watches. Diving watches can be very expensive, however, but the more you pay for a diving watch, the better quality it may be!

After a diver jumps forward from the diving board the force of gravity will accelerate the diver parallel to the direction of motion?


What helps a scuba diver sink and float?

Scuba buoyancy is the most fundamental diving skill. Mastering buoyancy control enables a diver to use less effort to maintain his position while diving.

Who is Morgan meixner the diver?

She is a diver who use to be on the national team, but now is just on the "starz diving" team and she practices at IUPUI

How do you score diving?

Diving is scored on a scale of one to ten with ten being the best. three judges score the diver. after all of the dives are completed, the diver's scores are added up and compared with the other athletes.

What energy does a diver on a diving board have?

I think it's gravitational potential

What the name of person that diving under water with a breathing tube?


What does diver Tom Daley wear while diving?

A speedo :P

What is Scuba diving international?

Scuba Diving International (SDI) is a SCUBA training and certification agency. It is the recreational arm of Technical Diving International, the world's largest technical diver training organization.SDI is the only diver training agency that requires students to have access to a modern dive computer on all dives during training from the very start. SDI is also unique amongst recreational diver training organisations in that it recognises solo diving as part of recreational diving, and offers a special training course relating to it.Every other major recreational diver training organisation mandates diving with a "buddy" at all times. SDI is a member of The World Recreational Scuba Training Council.

What is the difference between regular diving and synchronized diving?

The difference between "regular" diving and synchronized diving is the scoring and the athletes. In "regular" diving one diver goes at a time and that one diver is scored based on that one dive. In synchronized diving, TWO people do the SAME DIVE at the SAME TIME to try and be as accurate and identical to each other as possible. The two athletes are then given ONE score for both dives based on their precision and timing.

What is bucear in Spanish?

I think you mean BUSEAR, which means to go scuba diving. El buseo = scuba diving. Buseador = scuba diver.

When did Tom Daley become a diver?

Tom Daley took a interest in diving when he was swimming with his dad at a local pool, at aged 7 & saw some people diving and he started diving after that.

What are professional diving salaries?

Professional Diver / Commercial Diver Tender - $1,500.00 x week - 1st year - minimun of $6K Monthly (28days of work) Diver - $1,800.00 to $2,000.00 x week- 2nd to 5th year - minimun of $7K (28days) After 5th year - Saturation Diving $600.00 to $800.00 daily - minimun of $16K(28days) 6th year Saturation Diving $1,000.00 daily - $25K up to $30,000.00 monthly

A diver who weighs 500 N steps off a diving board that is 10 m above the water The diver hits the water with kinetic energy of?


What bird is the fastest diver?

The peregrine falcon is the fastest diving bird; it's been recorded diving at 188 km/h, or 117 mph.