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Q: What national football league team has the most penalties in football?
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What national football league team has the most penalties in season 2008?

denver broncos

Who has the most penalties for fighting in the National Hockey League?

Bob probert

What does the initials NFL stand for?

The NFL initials stand for: National Football League. Most people call it (The) National Football League

What are the football penalties?

Penalties are imposed for infractions of the rules of football. Most of them are based on keeping the players from injury.

What is the down in football that has the most penalties?


What team sells the most apparel in the National Football League?

the Pittsburgh Steelers

Who has had the most penalties in the barclays premier league?

Most penalties are won by Manchester united in the e.p.L.

Which professional sports league profits the most?

The National Football League generates about $980 million a year in revenue.

What year did the national football league begin?

The National Football League (NFL) was founded in 1920. Today, it comprises 32 teams and is one of the most popular sports leagues in the United States.

What is the trophy presented to the mvp?

National Football League Most Valuable Player Trophy.

What is most league losses in a row in a national football league?

16 by the Detroit lions in 2008-2009 NFL season

What state has the most successful quarterback's in the national football league?

I meant to put in NFL history

Who scored the most penalties in English football?

Peter lorimer

What college football team has the most penalties?

North Carolina

What hs football team has won the most national championships?

Glasgow Rangers with 51 league Championships

Who has saved the most penalties in football?

William Patterson for dundee united

What NFL football team has the most penalties on record?

Dallas cowboys

Which premier league player has scored the most penalties this season?


Which team in the premier league has had most penalties awarded?

Manchester United

Which team has had the most penalties against them in league 2 this season?


Which team has been awarded the most penalties in the premier league?


What player has scored the most Premier League penalties?

alan shearer

What are the rules for kids football games?

There are many different rules for playing football as a kid. While some of them are the same as in the National Football League, most are revised for younger players.

What is the record for most penalties in a college football game?


Which team has conceded most penalties at home in the English premier league?