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You use your calf muscles to boost your energy and you use your biceps to throw the ball in the air.

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Q: What muscles do you use when you shoot a basketball?
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What muslels do basketball players use in the game of basketball?

All Of your muscles mainly your arm and lg muscles.

How do you type a basketball?

You cannot "type" a basketball. A basketball is an object you use in the sport of basketball to shoot it through the hoop.

What muscles does basketball use?

The penile muscles as players hit the puck around with their genitalia

What muscles do you use while shooting a basketball?

=Is all in the legs!=

How Does Basketball gets its name?

Basketball gets its name, because you use the BALLto try and shoot into the BASKET. Therefore, it is called BASKETBALL.

What muscles do you use for basketball?

Calves ( Legs ) Biceps/Triceps (arms)

What muscles are being used when you are playing basketball?

You are using your calf muscles and your biceps. You use your tendons and stuff like that.

What muscles do you use when you are shooting a basketball?

You actually use almost all of your muscles. Different shots rely heavily on different muscle groups.

How To Shoot a basketball?

To shoot a basketball you have to bend your knees and push up with your right hand and jump.

What is done with a basketball?

With a basketball you can shoot, dribble, and pass.

What is the place where people shoot a basketball?

a Basketball Court.

What are six basketball changes since 1892?

How they dress. They use to could not dribble and shoot.

What is the use for basketball?

You have to dribble and shoot it. A basket ball aslso has bumpy layers too

What is the form way to shoot a basketball?

the best way to shoot a basketball is to keep your knees bent and elbows in

How do you shoot a left handed free throw in basketball?

The same way you shoot a right handed basketball...

What does it mean when a guy says he can teach you to shoot?

it usually just means he wants to help you shoot a basketball, or shoot a gun. Hopefully its the basketball.

When do you need explosive strength in basketball?

When you jump to shoot the basketball.

What do you shoot at in basketball?

A black guy

What angle do you shoot a basketball with?

The right.

Responsibilities of basketball players?


What are the daily tasks of an NBA player?

love the basketball...protect the basketball...shoot the basketball

Why does it matter the way you shoot a basketball?

If you shoot it wrong you will probably miss

How fast can you shoot a basketball?

Let me get this straight, the speed of the basketball shot isn't countable. You can shoot it as fast and slow as you want.

What is lap in basketball?

going right and left with basketball and then shoot in basket

What is shooting - basketball?

Shooting in basketball is when you try to shoot the ball into the basket.