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you can work on your calf muscles and you hops

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Q: What muscles could you build for triple jump?
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Is using a weighted jump rope good for bodybuilding?

Using a jump rope is not the best idea for bodybuilding. Using a jump rope will help you have cardio and build endurance, but will not help build a lot of muscles.

Are England good at the triple jump?

They are one of the best at the triple jump

How many officials required in long jump high jump and triple jump event?

triple jump has at least 4

Is long jump and triple jump same?

No. In triple jump you jump 3 times and only once in long jump. But the object is the same.

Could a T-Rex jump?

It is believed that T-rex could not jump very high or far because of the way its muscles were developed.

How do you use the word triple jump in a sentence?

He did a triple jump kick flip!

Are you allowed a running start in the triple jump?

Yes but not in the standing triple jump.

What did the triple jump used to be known as?

In Scottish Lowland and Highland Games the triple jump was known as the hop, skip and leap. Elsewhere it was known as the hop, skip and jump or the hop, step and jump. The triple jump rules used to be such that two hops and a step were allowed, this meant the athletes could use their strongest leg for each of the three phases.

How do grasshoppers jump?

Their legs push against the ground with high force. There is a pause between the crouch and the jump in which the grasshopper contracts their leg muscles to build thrust.

When did triple jump start in the Olympics?

The triple jump was in the first modern Olympics in 1896.

Why do you need speed in triple jump?

you need speed in triple jump to gain momentum to propel your forward in the jump. without it your jump will not be that far

How do you do the triple jump?

Jump three times

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