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A pitcher generates the power for his pitches through his legs. They then release that power in the throw. A pitcher uses almost every muscle in his body at some point during the preparation and execution of a pitch.

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The muscle that you need to throw a Baseball is mostly your arm strength. All players need arm strength to play baseball because they all throw the ball.

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Q: What muscle do you need to pitch for baseball?
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What muscles move when you pitch?

When you pitch a softball or baseball, you biceps push of the mound and you arm muscle moves with a swift motion. So basically, you leg's and arm's. (:

How fast does a major league baseball players have time to react after the pitch?

Repetition. It is all muscle memory from taking thousands of swings.

What is the difference between a baseball pitch and softball pitch?

Baseball is a over-handed pitch. Softball is a under-handed pitch

In baseball can you pitch anyway you want?

In baseball the pitcher can pitch anyway they like. There is not a rule saying you have to pitch a certain way.

Are there muscle in the body that do not need stretching?

eyelash muscle

Is there such a thing as a slow-pitch fast-pitch baseball bat?

There is a slow-pitch BASEBALL bat is more for Little League. A fast-pitch BASEBALL bat is mostly 10 and under or 12 and under or even 14 and under. There isn't a slow-pitch and a fast-pitch BASEBALL bat. Meaning they cant be morphed together.

What is the pitch that is hit the most in baseball?

The fastball is the pitch most thrown and most hit in baseball.

Why do you need a think muscle?

You need a think muscle to cure a common disease called stupid,

Why do you feel pressure in your arm or muscle when pitching?

Hi its all because of how your gripping the ball if you look at your wrist when ready to pitch you will see a muscle come out and that is what causes all the pressure but do not grip lightly or else you may have a very bad pitch and slow pitch , Julian

Why does baseball have an over throw pitch and softball have an under throw pitch?

Because a softball is heavier then a baseball.

What is it call when you get hit by a pitch in baseball?

HBP...hit by pitch.

How do you pitch underhand in wii baseball?

you press 2 then pitch