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If you account all sports then all year long sports are played.

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Q: What months are American sports played in?
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What sports were played during the American revolution?

Wicket was one of the sports played during the American Revolution. Other sports played included searching for and bringing back cannon balls, and wrestling.

Is it true that although Americans movies are popular around the world American sports are not played outside the US?

no it is not true. American sports are being played all around the world. Canada happens to be big on sports which includes American sports.

What sports are played in Washington?

American Football

What sports were played inafghanistan?

Many sports are played in afghanistan. This includes football (American soccer), rugby, and other popular sports around the world.

What sports are played in quarters?

American football and basketball.

What sports are played in a stadium?

American football, baseball, soccer.

What sports were played in the 1920's?

Some sports that were played. Baseball was a huge favorite American pasttime. Other sports included boxing, tennis, football, golf, swimming and polo.

What Canadian played 2 or more pro American sports?

Lionel Conatcher

Which sports are not played in New Zealand?

Well, I think this question is best answered by telling you the main sports which would be Rugby, Netball and Football (soccer). But all sports could potentially be played, just not as popular.American sports like Football and Baseball are played, but not very popular.

Is American football played only in America?

Yes No it is played all over the world World Sports Scouting

What sports are played in great Britain?

There are many sports played in Britain - including (but not limited to) Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and american football.

Which merit badges take three months?

American Business, Family Life, Personal Fitness and Personal Management take at least three months. Athletics and Sports takes one season or four months.

What sports aren't played in France but in US?

American football; baseball. But then, they're hardly played anywhere except in the US.

What sports played in white city?

American football ,you don't really have to call it American foot ball just "football" is okay

Did Dwyane Wade play any other sports?

yes he played all american football

What are some American sports?

Baseball and American football are two good examples of American sports

What kind of sports do the people in the Sonoran Desert play?

American football, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, hockey - all the sports played elsewhere.

What did the US American sports people play in the 1860s?

The US American sports people played in the 1860s were rather limited. Some of them included golf, boxing, cricket, baseball and rowing among others.

Two oldest competitive sports in the world?

Lacrosse, which was played by the American Indian Tribes, The Huron and the The Iroquois; and Soccer, played by the Aztecs.

All the sports played in Cuba?

Many American sports are played in the streets of Cuba like Baseball, Basketball , and Soccer. Boxing is a very popular sport in Cuba but Cuba has many water sports such as windsurfing, snorkelling, diving, surfing and fishing.

When was American Sports Cavalcade created?

American Sports Cavalcade was created in 1983.

When was American Sports University created?

American Sports University was created in 2006.

What retired sports analyst has the name of Sharpe and what sport did he play?

shannon sharpe and he played American football

What is the famous sport in February?

The Super Bowl is played in February. This is the biggest sports event in American football.

What sports are played without a ball and a net?

BaseballSoftballIce hockey (played with a puck and a net)American footballGolfPolo