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yes yes it is

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Q: Is Irish soccer the same as American soccer?
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What is Landon Donovan's ancestry?

Landon Donovan, American soccer player, is of Irish descent.

Is soccer the same with football?


Is Australian soccer the same as American soccer?

Ignorent Americans! Yes!

Which is a famous Irish soccer song?

It is not about soccer, but The Fields of Athenry is an Irish song that is sung at many soccer matches.

What was first soccer or football?

there bothe the same. soccer is American and football English.

Who is the manager of the Irish soccer team?

Giovanni Trapatoni is the manager of the Irish soccer team!

Is soccer like football?

soccer in an american term means football to the english.its the same thing.

What is the difference between American soccer and british soccer?

American Soccer is popular as it is in England, so they are far less experienced then those who play in premier league, the rules are exactly the same.

What website tells you how to write Irish numbers?

Irish numbers are the same as English and American numbers. Are you perhaps asking about Irish Gaelic instead?

What does Ireland people where?

Irish people wear clothes the same as everywhere else! But many Irish and Northern-Irish wear Soccer or Gaelic Football team/club jerseys. (I should know I am from and live in Ireland)!!

Is the name Kaitlyn Irish?

The Irish name Caitlín which is pronounced as 'Cathleen" was picked up by American parents who apparently thought Irish Gaelic is pronounced the same as English (it's not). Caitlín is Irish, Kaitlyn is an American invention.

Are the rules the same for Caribbean and American soccer?

No the rules are different.

Is Irish football the same as British football?

If you are talking about soccer in Ireland and in Britain, then they are the same sport. If you are talking about Gaelic Football, one of Ireland's national sports, then it is very different than soccer. See the related question below.

Which sport is more dangerous football or soccer?

They are both the same sport, unless you referring to American Football and soccer, in which case then American Football is much more dangerous.

What type of show is Apres Match?

Apres Match is an Irish comedy show that is aired after competitive Irish soccer matches. The show mocks famous, mostly Irish, soccer stars and pundits.

What is Robbie Keane known for?

Robbie Keane is an Irish footballer. This means that he is an Irish soccer player. He not only plays for the Irish national football team, but also for the Los Angeles Galaxy, a professional soccer team.

What are the Pan American soccer rules?

Soccer is played by the same rules in every part of the world, with very few (non-notable) exceptions.

Is soccer the same thing as football?

In the USA football (NFL) is what we call American football in the UK. What is called soccer in the USA is what we call football.

Are Irish boys and American boys alike?

yes they are the same they just talk different

Is Joe Namath native American?

No he's irish-american.

Who is mathew clancy?

An Irish soccer player.

An American state with the same name as an Irish place or town?

Not sure about the American state , but there is a little village in Co.Clare called BOSTON.

Can a American join the Irish army or royal Irish regiment?

The Royal Irish Regiment is actually a British military regiment and these days is usually composed of soldiers from Northern Ireland however not exclusively. So in regards to joining that particular regiment you would have to find out the UK's stance on American applicants. As for the Irish army i dont think you can without being an Irish citizen, i suppose no more then we can join the American military in the same way.

Who was the inventor of the American sport soccer?

Soccer was not invented by an American

Are will farrell and colin farrell related?

A big NO, Colin is Irish and Will which is "John William Ferrell" is American. The name Farrell derives from, originally Fearghall in Irish (meaning man of valour), both Ferrall and Farrell are anglized derivatives of the same name. So originally in the mists of time both Colin and Will derive from the same Irish Clan. Rgds KiltedCelt