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August is probably the best month for skiing. Sometimes the snow is a bit late to come, and July cannot guarantee good snowfalls.

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Q: What month is the best month to go skiing in Australia?
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Which month would be good to go to skiing?

well the best time to start to go skiing is when all the hills are open after the first 12 snow falls

Which state in Australia are you unable to go skiing in winter?


What is the best month to go skiing in japan?

Probably December or January, if Japan gets snow in those months like the U.S.

What month would you go skiing in Chile?

The snow season in Chile begins in late June and ends about the middle of October. July or August would be great month to go skiing in Chile.

Which month would be better to go skiing in Chile January or July?


If you wanted to go skiing in Chile which better month to go January or July?

July. January is their summer.

Is Utah the best place to go skiing?

nope jasna in slovikia is the best!

Where is the best place to go skiing in December?

your moms house

If you wanted to go skiing in Chile which month would be a better time to go?

July, because it is about mid-winter in chile.

Where is the best place to go skiing in Canada beginners?

middle of Canada

What is the best state to go to for skiing?

Colorado Vermont Alaska Utah

How often should you wax your skis?

I always wax mi skies every week and every day even if i don't go skiing You should wax your skis every month or before and after you go skiing