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In 1962, catcher Harry Chiti of the Cleveland Indians was traded to the New York Mets for a player to be named later. He was sent back to the Indians a couple of months later, thus becoming the first player in Baseball history to be traded for himself.

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Q: What mlb baseball player was traded and played for both teams?
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Has a baseball player ever played for two teams on the same day?

Joel Youngblood played for Mets, then traded to Expos

Can baseball players change teams only if they are sold or traded?

The only was a baseball player can change teams is by trade or receiving a contract offer if they're a free gent

What is a no trade clause in baseball?

A 'no trade clause' is a section in a player's contract that specifies the player cannot be traded to another team or specifies the teams that a player can be traded to. Some players have in their contracts that they cannot be traded. This means the player will play the entire length of the contract for that team. Some players have in their contracts that they may be traded only to certain teams. For example, a player may say he can only be traded to the Yankees, Dodgers, or Red Sox but to no other team.

What baseball player played 500 games with 4 teams?

Carl yazstrekski

What NHL hockey player was traded to his teams opponent prior to the game and played against his former team that day?

wayne gresky

What Major League Baseball player has played for the most teams in Major League Baseball history?

Kenny lofton

Which major league baseball player played for two teams in one day?

Joe Youngblood

How many baseball teams did Michael Jordan play for?

Michael Jordan was a baseball player before he became a basketball player he played for more than 5 baseball teams look it up at or try even

Which baseball player holds the record for most teams played for?

Mike Morgan played for 12 franchises from 1978-2002, more than any other player.

Who was the player who played for all New York baseball teams?

Daryll Strawberry Jose Vizcaino Ricky Ledee

Which major league baseball teams has Carlos Pena played on?

The baseball player Carlos Pena has played for many teams. These teams are: the Texas Rangers, the Oakland Athletics, the Detroit Tigers, the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Chicago Cubs and the Houston Astros.

Has anyone been on all 30 baseball teams?

No. As of the end of the 2007 season Mike Morgan, a pitcher whose career spanned 1978-2002, played for 12 different teams and that is the most teams one player has played for in MLB history.