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Q: What medals have Samuel eto and nwankwo kanu won?
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Who is Africa's Most Decorated Player- eto or kanu?

It is kanu.

Is Samuel Eto'o a Gay?

Samuel eto o is not gay you are

Did Samuel eto play for arsenal?


The richest player in Africa?

Samuel eto

Who is the richest player in Africa?

Samuel eto.

Who is the richest Africa player?

Samuel Eto

Who is the most famous person in Cameroon?

Samuel Eto

Who is the fastest left wing in soccer?

Samuel Eto

What country does Samuel eto o play for?

Samuel Etoo plays for Cameroon.As a striker.

Samuel eto marches for real Madrid?

Samuel Etoo played for Barcelona and not for Real Madrid.

Africa highest paid footballer in of the year?

Samuel eto

Which Barcelona striker wears Puma boots?

Samuel Eto'