What country does Samuel eto o play for?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Samuel Etoo plays for Cameroon.As a striker.

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Q: What country does Samuel eto o play for?
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Is Samuel Eto'o a Gay?

Samuel eto o is not gay you are

Which African footballer has scored the most goals?

samuel eto`o fils

Is Samuel Eto 'O the richest footballer in Africa?

Yes he is the highest paid African footballer.

When was Samuel O. their born?

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Where can someone find information about 'ETO O'?

Samuel Eto'o Fills is a soccer player born in Cameroon. Currently Eto'o is playing for the Russian team Anzhi Makhachkala. Currently it is believed that Eto'o is the highest paid soccer player in the world at this moment.

When was Samuel O. Bennion born?

Samuel O. Bennion was born on 1874-06-09.

How many World Cups has Samuel Eto'o played in?

how many goals eto,o scored in this season