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  • Job opportunities must be made available for the sports person in the society. This can be achieved by government.
  • The sports activities must be made as an integral part of our curriculum both at school and college level.
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yes he do

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Q: What measures shuold government take to promote sports in India?
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What can we do to promote sports in India?

we can do nothing to promote sports in India

How does the government promote participation in sport?

It spends more tax money on building/ improving sports facilities. It can also promote the participation, by raising awareness of the importance of sports in our daily activities. A good way to raise awareness is to encourage sports in the education system.

What are the roles of a Sports Marketing Manager?

to promote the club.

What sports promote suppleness?

suppleness can be improved by doing gymnastics

What type of products do the Sports Experts offer to consumers?

Many sports experts promote Vitamins, suppliments, and protein shakes. Depending on their sponsors, or a specific product that they have produced, that's what they would promote.

How can you promote people to play sport?

tell them how fun and awsome sports are

Does sports promote diversity?

i think yes i think yes

What are sports private policies?

Sports private policies are the measures that are put in place to protect the privacy of sports people. This manly protects the personal information of such people.

Why is the nssf against gun control?

That is the National Shooting Sports Foundation. They promote shooting sports. Gun control attempts to prevent ownership of guns used in shooting sports. No gun= no shooting sports.

Is there a sports branch in the government?


What are some sports marketing careers and what do they do?

Sports marketers promote athletes, also managing them, and their related businesses. They work for professional sports teams, marketing agencies, and are also promotion managers.

What is a sport physician?

A sports physicians job is to promote health in athletes. Sports physicians work long hard hours but the reward can be great financially.