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Middle Linebacker

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Q: What means MLB mean in football?
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What does mbl mean?

The MLB means Major League Baseball

What does comp mean for football?

in football, "comp" means completions

What is SSPD mean in fantasy football?

SSPD means suspended in Fantasy Football.

What does A-A mean in football results?

It means it is abandoned

What does ultras mean?

it means football

What does RHP mean in MLB?

RHP means Right Handed Pitcher in the bullpen.

What does long mean in football?

Chicken means you!

What does GP mean in Fantasy Football?

It means Games Played.

What does j' aime le football mean?

it means I LIKE FOOTBALL in french language

What does it mean for the football to become dead?

It means that the football has touched the ground and is no longer playable.

What does el futbol americano mean?

It means football, but not soccer. It just says in Spanish football.

What does football mean?

It means kicking the ball with the foot.

What does mailcarrier mean in sports?

it means a quaterback in football

What does hb mean in football?

It means "Half Back"

What does U20 mean in football?

The U means under

What does dominated the passing mean in basketball?

It means that it was intercepted like in football.

What does DNP mean in NFL football?

DNP - means did not practice this week

What does it mean to play football today?

It means to play football TODAY - simple! Or as American people say it, they say "SOCCER" which means the same thing as football but with a different name.

Does football mean soccer in Kenya?

Football means soccer everywhere except the US, Canada and Australia.

Does football mean soccer in cuba?

Football means soccer everywhere except the US, Canada and Australia.

What does RS mean in football?

RS means red shirt in football. This is found in college football and to be red shirted means a football player does not play in their freshman year, rather they wait in order to gain an additional year of playing time.

In football games what does BOG mean?

It means Best On Ground

What does Futurist art mean?

I think it means.... drawing a football:)

What does number 20 mean in soccer?

It means 42 in Football

What does heritage mean in football boots?

it means distributing the ball