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A freezer, oven, a room

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Q: What materials do you need to make a project for the question How does temperature affect the bounce of a ball?
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Does the temperature of the liquid affect how materials dissolve in it?

Yes, the higher the temperature, the faster materials dissolve in the given liquid

What pictures can answer the question How does temperature affect the bounce of a ball?

temperature does affect the bounce of a ball!

Science fair project - how does baking soda affect the temperature of water?

It does not!

Does temperature effect a soda's fizz?

Yes temperature does affect sodas fizz. I just did a science project and this was my question just reworded. The warmer the less fizz or carbonation. The colder the more fizz.

How does temperature affect the way a paper airplane flies?

I am doing a science project in school. Subject: How does temperature affect the way a paper airplane flies?

Blobs in the bottle affect the water temperature the reaction?

Does the temperature of water affect the reaction? blobs in the bottle

Which two factors affect the temperature that rocks melt at?

The pressure and the materials in the rock.

What is a catchy title for your science project 'Does temperature affect plants growth?

Burn it or Grow it?

Does temperature in room affect how fast a candle burns?

Yes it does i did a science fair project and yep it did

How does a business case affect an IT project?

i dont know,,thats why im asking question.

How does temperature affect the rate of chlorophyll loss?

Can someone please answer this question?!?!

What factors affect room temperature?

Ambient temperature outsidewhether or not there is heating, and how much,size, shape and materials of the roominsulationdraughtsnumber of people in the room

How does temperature affect volume?

Generally, heat added to materials causes an increase in volume as well as temperature. If the volume is contained (as with gases), the temperature increases the pressure.

How might ambient temperature may affect the resistance values you would measure in a circuit?

Ambient temperature might affect the readings of the resistance value you would measure because the resistance of some materials changes with the temperature.

How does music affect a fish's reaction?

im doing a science project on this question and the fish acts.......

How does yellow fever affect the economy?

i have got to a project and im trying to find the answer to the same question as you are :L

Does changing the temperature affect how long the pen will last materials?

put one pen in a refridgearator one in the sun

What the materials you need for the question does color affect the rate in which ice cubes melt?

No...? why would color affect ice. Color is a physical property.

Does temperature affect a magnet?

temperature does not affect the magnet.

Can coldness affect a city's electricity?

Yes, temperature does effect the conductivity of materials. For conductors, an increase in temperature reduces the current carrying capacity and does just the opposite in insulators.

Can you help me come up with a short but catchy title for my science project My project is how does the temperature of a tennis ball affect the height of its bounce?

Hot Vs Cold Hot Vs Cold

How does temperature affect altitude?

Temperature does not affect altitude, altitude affects temperature.

Does temperature affect pH level in the vagina?

Temperature does not affect pH.

What would be some important words to have for a science fair project with the question does color affect taste?

What you mean is achromaticity and not color don't you?

Can temperature affect how metal rusts?

Rust is a chemical reaction. Almost any chemical reaction happens faster when the reactant materials are warmed.