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Nowadays Bowling balls are made by plastic, urethane, reactive resin of a combination of them. The evolution of the design of bowling ball refers to density and its nuclei.

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Q: What material would new bowling balls be constructed of?
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Where can one purchase a black bowling ball?

One can purchase a black bowling ball from many sports retailers which carry bowling balls. Dick's Sporting Goods carries bowling balls and will have black balls or would be able to order them in.

How much do 70 ten pin bowling balls weigh?

That would depend on the weight of the bowling balls. If they were 10 pounds each, that would be 700 pounds total.

Would you measure a bowling ball with grams or kilograms?

Bowling balls are typically measured in grams.

How much can you get for a bowling ball for at a pawn shop?

It depends on the ball. In most cases, pawn shops would pay you to get rid of their bowling balls and not pay for balls you want to pawn.

Why do bowling lanes have to be smooth?

If they weren't, the balls would be much harder to aim.

Do you use dentured alchol to clean bowling balls?

This would be an illegal technique. Your ball would be considered a soaker.

Are lawn bowling balls round?

No. A simple google image search would have answered this question for you.

A mole of bowling balls would have a mass how many times greater than the mass of the moon?


Does two bowling balls one meter away have a stronger gravitational pull thn two ping pong balls one meter apart?

Yes. Gravitational pull is based on mass. And since the bowling balls have greater mass than the ping pong balls then the gravitational pull would be greater.

Can you burn a bowling ball?

Bowling balls are made from different materials - either plastic, urethane or resin. Depending on which type you have, it may be possible to burn a bowling ball - but you would sure be making one heck of a toxic waste.

What color are most bowling balls?

Bowling balls do not have a specific color. Every ball is different and it all depends on the company what color the ball will be. The most uncommon color is probably yellow, there are very few "strike" balls that are yellow, there are a few "spare" balls or plastic balls that are yellow but not many. The most common color would have to be a dark blue, dark purple, or black. Anything on the dark scale would be the most common. That color may be the most common but not by much.

Certain types of bowling balls when places in water float Explain how this is possible?

Certain WEIGHTS of bowling balls float. Bowling balls have a volume of 6250 cm3. An equal amount of water would weigh 6.25 kilograms. A bowling ball that weighs less than 6.25 kilograms--8-pound, 10-pound and 12-pound balls--will float. 14-pound and 16-pound balls, having a density higher than 6.25 kilograms, will not float.

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